Our Products

Our products are developed around a common platform designed for reliability and include best-in-class hardware, customized programming and robust data solutions.



Multiplying Productivity

Kane Robotics Overview

Our Portable Cobot


  • Best-in-class hardware & software

    • Cobot arms
    • End-of-arm tooling (“end effectors”)
    • Cameras and other sensors
  • Customized programming

    • Process parameters
    • Robot arm path determination
  • Data solutions

    • Data collection & analytics
    • Process control parameters
    • Quality control data collection and analysis
    • Supply chain collaboration
    • Real-time updates for scheduling and project completion
    • Other manufacturing KPIs

How We Differentiate Our Products

  • Dramatically shorten integration

  • Well-defined applications
Expertise in non-trivial processes
  • Leveraging over 100 years of collective expertise in aerospace manufacturing
  • Process knowledge
  • Materials knowledge
  • Industry knowledge

  • Drives continuous improvement via machine learning and knowledge of process parameters
Vision systems and other sensors
Machine learning algorithms

It’s a dirty job. Someone’s got to do it. Kane Robotics gets it done.

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