About Kane Robotics

Automating dull and dirty construction and manufacturing processes with collaborative robotic solutions.



Multiplying Productivity

Our Mission

Deliver next-generation robotic systems that free up the skilled workforce from time-consuming, repetitive tasks enabling our manufacturing and construction industry customers to improve the productivity and efficiency of their operations

Company Overview

Our Value Proposition

Rapidly transform manufacturing and construction by deploying cobot-based tools and related technology combining the best of human and machine capabilities to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Complete Cobot Systems

Turnkey products and services for your automation projects

  • Flattens learning curve
  • Offers fast and effortless implementation
  • Low Cost / Fast ROI

Increased Productivity

Multiplies worker productivity

  • Reduces labor related bottlenecks

Increases throughput

  • Faster cycle times

Improves on-time delivery

Reduces costs


Supply chain efficiency

Continuous process improvement

  • Reduced rework and scrap rates
  • Product lifecycle analysis

Higher Process Quality

Controlled operational parameters for consistency

Process conditions verified and recorded

Automatic recording of quality control

Our History

Built on a 60-year tradition of freeing up high-cost skilled technicians from mundane tasks.